Grading and Condition

All posters are graded for condition using A, B and C designations consistent with industry standards. We strive to grade conservatively and where appropriate +/- adjustments may be added to indicate a slightly better or worse condition. More detailed condition reports can be supplied upon request.  

Many posters we sell are linen backed. This is a special service provided by expert poster conservationists that involves mounting the poster to an acid-free fabric backing. Linen backing is a standard practice widely used by collectors and dealers of vintage posters that generally enhances the poster’s value. Linen backing is also part of the overall repair and restoration process that is often necessary to improve the appearance of vintage posters. If a poster has been linen backed that is indicated in the listing for the poster on our website.           


Condition A

Designates a poster in near the original state as it was printed. Posters in A condition may have some expert restoration or very slight defects such as a minor blemish or scuff but should look very close to new like the day they were produced. Because of the nature of vintage posters very few are classified as A condition.   

Condition B

Designates a poster in good to very good condition. These posters are generally considered to be in average condition. Posters in Condition B will not have major defects but there may be some visible lesser defects such as minor paper loss or wear. There may be a minor trace of staining or fading in places. There may be fold lines visible or other defects and some evidence of restoration detectable upon close inspection. While not perfect in every way, these posters will be attractive and very suitable for framing and display. Most posters that we sell will be in this category. 

Condition C

Designates a poster in fair condition which will have one or more significant defects apparent. These posters are generally in the “as found” condition and unrestored and may have staining, some paper loss, tears or other defects. In most cases, the appearance and grading of C condition posters could be improved through professional restoration.