1916 La Journee Serbe by Charles Fouqueray - Golden Age Posters

1916 La Journee Serbe by Charles Fouqueray

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  • Date: 1916
  • Artist: Fouqueray, Charles
  • Size (in): 44.5" x 31"
  • Size (cm): 113.03 x 78.74
  • Condition: B
  • Linen Backed: Yes

The title of this poster translates to "Serbia Day June 25, 1916. Anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo." This day was organized in Paris to benefit the Serbian Relief Fund.

This poster depicts Serbian civilians, military personnel, and cattle crossing a snow-covered bridge. A red-cross nurse accompanies a soldier. One person carries the Serbian flag.

The Kosovo Offensive Operation was the last battle lost by the Serbians before they were forced to migrate into the Albanian mountains for the winter. Thousands died from the horrible conditions and lack of food.

During World War I, the Serbians were allied to France and the Entente Powers.

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