1939 Smoky Trails
1939 Smoky Trails
1939 Smoky Trails

1939 Smoky Trails

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  • Date: 1939
  • Artist: Unknown
  • Size (in): 41 x 27
  • Size (cm): 104.14 x 68.58
  • Condition: A-
  • Linen backed: No

Bob Archer finds a man in a gunfight when trailing the men that murdered his father. He helps him to escape, only to be knocked out by him and captured by the Sheriff. Learning the man he helped was his father's murderer, he convinces the Deputy to release him. Posing as an outlaw, he finds the gang's hideout and there is the man he helped. But the leader of the gang has taken away his gun and he is not allowed to leave. (Maurice VanAuken)

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